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January 2, 2013
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Sailor Meo by WanderingKotka Sailor Meo by WanderingKotka
For the Sailor Zodiac Collab Project at :icontraditional-sailors:, where I claimed the Vietnamese zodiac sign Cat. (Cat is the Vietnamese equivalent for the Rabbit sign in the Chinese zodiac.)

Senshi Name: Sailor Mo
Dominant Element: Water
(All Tử Vi* System senshi have one of five dominant elements. This element affects their fuku color and ability set. Experienced Tử Vi System senshi gain access to additional powers.)
Civilian Name: Mo Thị Bian L (Family, Middle, Given)
Translation: Secretive Lion of the Mo (cat) Family

Current Attacks:
:bulletblack: Sparkling Dawn Shower: A soft shower of shining rain falls on Mo and her allies, healing them of minor injury, status ailments, or curses. This may also be used to exorcise an enemy who is possessed.
:bulletblack: Midnight Torrent: A dark wave of icy water slams into the opponent(s). This attack carries a wide range and is good for clearing a room quickly.

Mini Profile:
Bian L is the second-born daughter of the Mo royal family on Planet Mo in the Tử Vi System. As the youngest daughter, very little was expected of her other than to grow to be passably attractive and become educated enough to manage whatever royal household her family married her into. Her elder sister, Hanh L, was expected to become the next Sailor Mo and was rigorously trained as such. Because of their differing duties, the two sisters saw little of each other when growing up.

Bian L was a studious child, given to hiding herself away to read old histories of the Tử Vi kingdoms. Serious beyond her years, she took well to her lessons in etiquette and statecraft. Her parents were quite pleased with her scholarly bent and quiet air, thinking that it would serve her well when it was time to arrange a royal alliance.
Unfortunately, a life of writing carefully-worded histories and planning elegant soirees was not Bian Ls fate. Soon after her 16th birthday a terrible attack was launched against Planet Mo by a strange group calling themselves The Dark Zodiac. Their attack claimed the life of Hanh L and thrust Bian L into the role of Sailor Mo.

Without combat training, Bian L fell back on her innate talent for diplomacy and extended a call for help to the neighboring Planet-Kingdoms of Tử Vi. Sailors Dần (Tiger), Tỵ (Snake), and Hợi (Boar) answered her call and with their help Sailor Mo was able to expel the agents of The Dark Zodiac from her planet.

Now Sailor Mo finds herself tasked with building alliances with the other senshi of the Tử Vi System and training herself to be ready for the inevitable return of the Dark Zodiac.

Design Notes:
:bulletblack: The Fuku itself is loosely based on an ao dai [link] with the addition of a Sailor collar and some underskirts. I suspect this is a level 1 or 2 fuku, with higher levels getting more "historical" in design.
:bulletblack: The standard bum-bow is swapped for a sash and the brooch is moved from chest to hip.
:bulletblack: Meo is based on a lilac point siamese cat because I have always wanted a siamese cat senshi with a quiet demeanor. I'm weird like that.

*Vietnamese for horoscope.
**My deep apologies to anyone with better knowledge of Vietnamese than my own. (Read: any knowledge of Vietnamese.) I did the best I could with wikipedia and google.
*** You have no idea how excited I am to have a proper OC Sailor again after all these years!
Character and Art K. Lebak/=KabukiKatze, 2012. All rights reserved.
Sailor Moon universe Naoko Takeuchi
Background texture:
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GraphicBrat Feb 28, 2013  Professional
Like the outfit, very nice. The background goes great with it.
velvetluck Feb 18, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Oh wow, she's gorgeous! Your marker work is amazing! I really like the subtle tones you've created, very well done!
Thank you! I still feel very awkward with markers, but I'm slowly learning to ignore that and just have fun with them. (Having nicer markers now helps too. Copics layer very nicely.)
rindaimaiou Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Incredibly well thought out and designed!
Thank you very much! :) I had a lot of fun thinking up her character.
Valendra Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OH! I was sooo curiously waiting for this one! I happened to go for a more dramatic asian fashion sailor fuku for my rat too, I find this oddly satisfacting :3 But damn, that collar is so stylish and cool!! Great job!
I'm glad it's not just me who decided to go more Asian-inspired for the fuku. I'm very eager to see your Sailor Rat! Your designs are always so lovely.

And thank you! I really love that collar. I was so afraid it would look ridiculous, but it actually makes me want a dress like that!
Valendra Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm pretty excited about mine too, because if both of them belonged to same universe, then I can totally see how they'd interact with each other. It's kind of entertaining, giving the way my girl's personality. I know it won't happen but just thinking makes me giggle and runs my creative juices running :XD:
I'm glad it's getting your creative juices running! Now I'm even more curious to see your Sailor Rat. Based on the classic profile for Rat, I can only expect that poor Sailor Meo will be at wit's end with a clever Sailor Rat running around!
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