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April 25, 2012
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$15 Pony: Maya by WanderingKotka $15 Pony: Maya by WanderingKotka
For :iconigadevil:, his adorable Kamen Rider OC, Maya!

Maya has such a distinctive (dare I say iconic?) character design as a person that it was incredibly easy to translate her into pony form. Her Cutie Mark is her Rider insignia, which, paired with her horn, implies that her special ability is to turn into Kamen Rider Sigma.

. . . I guess Kamen Riders interested in maintaining a secret identity in the ponyverse wear lots of skirts or flank-covering garments. >_>;;

Anyway! This was a blast to draw and I hope you all enjoy it!

I do still have slots available for my pony special, so if you dig the art, head on over and grab yourself one! [link]

More Pony:

Character ~Igadevil, [link]
Art K. Lebak, 2012. [link]

Enjoy it, share it, download it! Just don't profit from it. :)
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SeanRM Apr 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
I don't think I've ever seen a pony with a jacket before, though I am not really a MLP fan - so that could just be my ignorance showing.

Very cool take on the character, and I recognized her immediately. (Major points for making her logo the Cutie Mark.)
I think there are some jacketed/shirted pony designs in the show, but they're less common than just giving the characters massive hair and little accessories. Dresses do show up pretty often, though.

Thanks! I love the logo as Cutie Mark idea--it works so well for transforming heroes.
Thanks again for these! Both of them turned out excellent!
Thank you! They were a real blast to draw. :D
psst, Kamen Rider Sigma. :)

I love that it's so recognizably Maya, even ponied-up that way. Capital work on that cutie mark/insignia. :D
Whoops! Thank you for catching that. >_>;;

Thank you! ~Igadevil's designs are so solid that translating them over is easy. That pink shirt and that mussed-up 'do are really all you need to say "Maya!" And thanks! ~Igadevil hooked me up with some high-quality pics of their Rider insignia so I was able to draw them in easily. I really like the two-tone variant, myself.
SilverVulpine Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow. Who would have thought a light, pink-haired badass motorcycle chick would Ponify so easily? :D

Splendid work, m'lady! :)
I know, right? But seeing as The Big Lebowski has been ponified successfully, why not Kamen Rider?

Thank you!
SilverVulpine Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
It seems they can ponify just about anything... Although oddly enough, I've never seen anyone ponify "Black Beauty." ... Odd, I wonder why that is. xD

And you're welcome, my dear. :hug:
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