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Random from Art of My Characters

Art of my characters done by other wonderful artists!

Home to my blog and gallery as well as hosting wallpaper, brush, and tutorial downloads, a shop, and more!

Shop Wandering Kotka

My artbooks Girls of the World and Divine Dames are available in both print and digital form!

Check out the PDF Previews:
Girls of the World Preview by WanderingKotka Divine Dames PDF Preview by WanderingKotka

:bulletred: You can buy print and digital copies through, here.

Pins, postcards, prints, tees, and other fab things featuring my artwork are available through my shop on Designs include all 26 of the goddesses of Divine Dames, all 26 of the Girls of the World, even some Pokegals!

A peek at some of my shop goods:
Shop Update: Tees and Pins by WanderingKotka Shop Update: GotW by WanderingKotka Divine Dames Compilation by WanderingKotka

:bulletred: Explore my print shop here!

Non-Commissioned Arts To Do

I'm sorry, but I am not accepting art trades at this time. :heart:


:bulletgreen: nickyflamingo's Pokegal Collab - Hoopa Unbound [planning]


Chibi Pagedoll Six-Pack!
Chocolat Misu by WanderingKotka
Sofia by WanderingKotka
Uranus by WanderingKotka
Misty by WanderingKotka
Lime by WanderingKotka
  • 6 basic-color chibis for the price of 5!  + 6 entries into a raffle for a free page doll commission!
  • Chibis are approx. 4"x6" each at 300DPI.
Chibi Pagedoll Commission
Chocolat Misu by WanderingKotka
Sofia by WanderingKotka
Uranus by WanderingKotka
Lime by WanderingKotka
  • A basic-color chibi (flat colors with shine) with a transparent background for $6/600Points + 1 entry into a raffle for a bonus free page doll commission!
  • Chibi is approx. 4"x6" at 300DPI.

UPDATE 2: Wave 2 is halfway to being full!  These little cuties are going fast!
UPDATE: Wave 1 of commission slots is now full and Wave 2 is open!  Don't forget that you can enter yourself into a raffle for a free chibi pagedoll commission just by signal-boosting (sharing) this special in a journal or a poll!

Time for something fun!  Time for . . . a chibi commission special!  These chibis are a little different, being built off a custom base that I've created.  Since I'm building these off a base, the price is far lower than what I would usually charge for a chibi commission.  In fact, this is likely the cheapest commission special you will ever see me offer!

What You Get:

  • A basic-color chibi (flat colors with shine) with a transparent background for $6/600:points: + 1 entry into a raffle for a free page doll commission!
  • If you signal boost this commission special, you can earn an additional entry into a separate raffle for another free page doll commission!
  • Scroll down for raffle details!  

Style Samples:

Chocolat Misu by WanderingKotka Lime by WanderingKotkaMisty by WanderingKotka Sofia by WanderingKotka  Uranus by WanderingKotka

But Wait, There's More:

Since these little cuties look so good lined up in groups, I'm running a bonus special: buy 5 page dolls and get the 6th free!  So that's 6 page dolls for $30/3000:points: or $5/500:points: each! (If buying more than 6, subsequent dolls are at the regular price until you hit another 6.  e.g. If buying 7 page dolls, the total would be $36/3600 points, or 5 page dolls + 1 free + 1 more page doll.  12 page dolls would be $60/6000:points: or 5 page dolls + 1 free + 5 page dolls + 1 free.)

How It Works:

1.) Leave a comment here or send a note to claim a slot or slots using the form below.  1 chibi/character per slot.  Links to references are greatly appreciated.
2.) I'll reply back, letting you know if an active slot is open.  If it is, I'll request payment via paypal or the commission widget (I'll make a commission with your name on it) and start work!  I do not start work until I am paid.  If a slot is not open on the current wave, I'll add you to the next wave and note you when your wave/turn is up and request payment then, before beginning work on your chibi(s).  I've opened one wave for now, but I'll open additional ones as needed and as I work through the queue.  I work one wave at a time.
3.) You'll get a lineart preview and a final preview by note, email, or Facebook.  If you prefer email or Facebook for communication, please send me your contact info in a note or leave it in a comment. 
4.) April 25th, 2015 is the last day to reserve a slot!

Will/Won't Draw:

  • Will Draw: Ladies!  Dudes!  Anthros!  Monsters!  Senshi!  OCs!  Fanart! 
                • Don't worry if your character has non-human limbs or additional limbs.  I'll mod the base as needed to suit the character.
  • Won't Draw: Mecha.  Lightly armored humanoid robots (e.g. Kikaider, Bijinda) are fair game.  Gundam, Transformers, etc. are not.  


When requesting a slot, please fill out the following form for each slot/character requested:
  • Character Name: 
  • References:

Wait, Raffle?  I Like Raffles!

Yep!  Every chibi purchased counts as one entry into a raffle for a bonus free chibi commission.  I will assign each chibi commissioned a number and at the end of this special (4/25/2015) and draw the winner(s) via random number generator ( Every 15 entries earned will unlock one additional prize drawing, so the more people who partake in this special, the more chances there are to win!   Because a person can have multiple entries, that does mean that you can win more than once, should additional drawings be unlocked.

Also, anyone who signal boosts this commission special can be entered into a separate raffle for a free page doll commission!  The more people who signal boost, the more drawings I'll unlock!  To enter the raffle, signal boost this special in a journal or poll and link to it in the comments.  

Prize Drawings Unlocked:

  • 1 Drawing for a Free Chibi  Star!Unlocked!Star!  
  • 2 Drawings for a Free Chibi   Star!Unlocked!Star!  
  • 3 Drawings for a Free Chibi  Locked Unlocks at 30 Chibis Commissioned Locked
  • 4 Drawings for a Free Chibi  Locked Unlocks at 45 Chibis Commissioned Locked
  • ???!

Signal Boost Raffle Drawings Unlocked:

  • 1 Drawing for a Free Chibi  Star!Unlocked!Star!  
  • 2 Drawings for a Free Chibi  Locked Unlocks at 20 Boosts Locked 
  • 3 Drawings for a Free Chibi  Locked Unlocks at 40 Boosts Locked
  • 4 Drawings for a Free Chibi  Locked Unlocks at 60 Boosts Locked
  • ???!

Commission List [Wave 1]:  FULL, ACTIVE 

Points /Dollar (US)  = paid
  1. :iconnickyflamingo: Sailor Messier 65 [DONE: [C] Sailor Messier 65Dollar (US) 
  2. :iconnickyflamingo: Sailor Alpaca [DONE: [C] Sailor AlpacaDollar (US) 
  3. :iconnickyflamingo: Tyto [sketchingDollar (US) 
  4. :iconnickyflamingo: Sailor Kepler 413-b [sketchingDollar (US) 
  5. :iconnickyflamingo: Sailor Haumea [coloringDollar (US) 
  6. :iconnickyflamingo: Sailor Dorado [sketchingDollar (US) 
  7. :iconunisamas: Kalli [DONEDollar (US) 
  8. :iconunisamas: Talan [DONEDollar (US) 
  9. :iconunisamas: Certia [DONEDollar (US) 
  10. :iconunisamas: Donovan [sketching Dollar (US) 
  11. :iconunisamas: Ida [sketching Dollar (US) 
  12. :iconunisamas: Adel [sketching Dollar (US)  
  13. :iconunisamas: Charlie [pending payment]
  14. :iconunisamas: Part-Timer 1 [pending payment]
  15. :iconunisamas: Part-Timer 2 [pending payment]

Commission List [Wave 2]:  OPEN, INACTIVE

Points /Dollar (US)  = paid
  1. :iconunisamas: Part-Timer 3 [pending payment]
  2. :iconunisamas: Part-Timer 4 [pending payment]
  3. :iconunisamas: Sailor VTC 520 [pending payment]
  4. :iconaeraellyth: Jojosona 1 [pending payment]
  5. :iconaeraellyth: Jojosona 1 Stand [pending payment]
  6. :iconaeraellyth: Jojosona 2 [pending payment]
  7. :iconaeraellyth: Jojosona 2 Stand [pending payment]
  8. :iconaeraellyth: CGS Senshi 1 [pending payment]
  9. :iconaeraellyth: CGS Senshi 2 [pending payment]
  10. OPEN
  11. OPEN
  12. OPEN
  13. OPEN
  14. OPEN
  15. OPEN

Signal Boost Raffle Entries:

:iconnickyflamingo: Silver Square Bullet :iconunisamas: Silver Square Bullet :iconpaintset: Silver Square Bullet :iconlesimmons:  Silver Square Bullet :iconcelamowari:


:iconconstellation-senshi: :iconthelacegrimoire: :iconsailormoonadd: :iconhtrytd: :icontraditional-sailors: :iconsexy-senshi-rock:



Support Dezi Stamp by SLMGregory I Fight for dedizenoflight Support Stamp by iLantiis Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas
GabiStar Stamp by LinaLeeL Stamp: by WanderingKotka MistressLegato Stamp by LinaLeeL
Unisamas Stamp by LinaLeeL WingsForDreams Stamp by LinaLeeL Freckledsleeper Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Darkness stamp by Unisamas dedizenoflight Stamp by LinaLeeL I Support serenofariane by serenofariane
Re-Pyper Stamp by LinaLeeL SailorAlcyone by LinaLeeL SailorDarkness Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sir-Frog Stamp by LinaLeeL STAMP I Love Toto - by Lunixina and Yettyen by Toto-the-cat


Sailor War Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Conquest Stamp by LinaLeeL Messier 67 Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Famine Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Death Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Asteroid Stamp by LinaLeeL
I Support Sailor Ashera by LinaLeeL Sailor Sun Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Messier 19 Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Gamma Leonis Stamp by LinaLeeL Nickyflamingo17 by LinaLeeL A different destiny Stamp by LinaLeeL
Hydra e Kerberos by LinaLeeL Bird Club Stamp by LinaLeeL

You can even support me!

WanderingKotka Stamp by LinaLeeL or KabukiKatze Stamp by LinaLeeL

Senshi I Support

Ladies I Love:

Seshi Badge Eternal Sailor Sun by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Gamma Leonis by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Hygiea by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Haumea by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Psyche by nickyflamingoSeshi Badge Eternal Sailor Asteroid by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge NGC 6273 by nickyflamingoSailor Chang'e Badge 50x50 Icon by iCheddarSailor Ashera Badge 50x50 Icon by iCheddarSailor Aquila Badge 50x50 Icon by iCheddarVD7840 small badge by UnisamasWar badge small by UnisamasSenshi Alliance Badge Center - Sailor Sun 50x50 by mishihime50 x 50 Solarion Badge by JoJiaMystieSailor Lepidoptera Badge by ladyredvelvetSenshi Badge - Sailor Uranus 50x50 by mishihimeLead Owl 50 by MistressLegatoB13 50 by MistressLegatoSun50 by MistressLegatoMer50 by MistressLegatoAries badge 50 by MistressLegatoSenshi Badge - Sailor Iyanid by iambaiSenshi Badge: Guardian Skadi by Shade-ArtsSenshi Badges: Cruithne by snow-princessSenshi Badge: M107 by snow-princessSenshi Badge: Absinthe by snow-princess

Support My Senshi:

Senshi Badge: Sailor Messier 55 by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Sun by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Meo by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Varuna by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Kerberos by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Goloid Whydah by WanderingKotka
Full Collection Here



:iconwere99: :iconsonicbest222: :iconkalmanhukka: :iconprincelily: :icondallyingcat:


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