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Dear Santa . . .

Wed Nov 19, 2014, 10:54 AM


I was tagged by that glorious, miniskirted leader that goes by name of :iconnickyflamingo:.  The point of this exercise is to say what sort of art gifts you wouldn't mind finding in your metaphorical stocking this year, should anyone, I mean Santa, be so inclined.

The Letter

Dear Santa,

It has been a long while since I've written you . . . pretty much since I added up the damning evidence that not only did your handwriting match that of Mr. E. Bunny, Esq., but also that despite having 8 (9?) reindeer, you always ate all the cookies but the carrots were only ever nibbled.  Add to that the fact that you and my parents had suspiciously similar tastes in wrapping paper and you can see why I discontinued correspondence.  Given that you then discontinued your yearly visits, I can see that the disillusionment was mutual.

Nonetheless, I've been suggested this as an exercise of sorts, and I'm loathe to disappoint a friend.  

I've been a fairly good girl this year, or at least made a valiant effort at it, so as per the previous arrangement of promised bribery for good behavior, here are my requests:

Characters I'd Love to See Drawn:
NB: I am happy to see any of my characters drawn.  Just because someone's not on this list doesn't mean I don't want art of them!  I appreciate any art I receive of my OCs.  :heart:

My newest senshi, Sailor Coma Berenices:
Bernie likes to keep her wardrobe boyish and easy to wear.  She has a bit of an androgynous thing going on, but she still loves sparkles.
[OC] Wardrobe: Sailor Coma Berenices by WanderingKotka  [WIP] Sailor Coma Berenices by WanderingKotka

My most popular senshi, Sailor Messier 55:
Kera loves bright, bold colors and keeps to punk or biker-ish looks.  Lots of denim and definitely in pants too!
Sailor Messier 55 by WanderingKotka  ACEO: M55 for KabukiKatze by nickyflamingo  [SS] All Is Calm, All Is Bright by GabiStar  [OC] Kera as Crimson Viper by WanderingKotka  

One of my monster girls!
Each one has style notes on her profile--feel free to play around with their looks!
[OC] Cat Sidhe Cutie by WanderingKotka  [OC] Qilin Cutie by WanderingKotka  [OC] Sphinx Cutie by WanderingKotka  [OC] Rusalka Cutie by WanderingKotka  

My slacker magical girl, Melisande:
Mel is a government licensed (state-level) magical girl with the ability to freeze things.  She's lazy, but clever.  Mostly, her cleverness is used to help her continue to be able to be lazy.
Melisande: Ice Cream Beauty by WanderingKotka  Melisande: What You Thought Was Blue by WanderingKotka  Character Refs by WanderingKotka  Cassidy and Melisande by SeanRM  Aceo commission special- Kabukikatze by Unisamas

My rabbit police officer, Star Anise:
Star loves neon colors and light wash denim.  Really, anything late 80's-early 90's suits her just fine!  Oh, and she loves flats.  A girl's gotta run, you know?
Star Anise by WanderingKotka  ACEO Star by nickyflamingo  SA Cover Gift by SeanRM  Raffle Star Anise by nickyflamingo 
My alchemical enforcer, Cuivre:
Cuivre only ever wears black, but within that frame, she can wear anything.  Her hair can take any shape she (or it) pleases.   Also, her tattoo is painted on daily in a place of her choosing.  She likes it best over an eye, but will put it anywhere.
Cuivre: La Machine by WanderingKotka  Cuivre: Uninstall by WanderingKotka  Cuivre for KabukiKatze by nickyflamingo  Cuivre Gift by SeanRM  Cuivre: La Machine by WanderingKotka  "Visceral Graffiti" by Gunmetalblack

I Tag:
:iconcelamowari: :icongunmetalblack: :iconwilliamjcovello: :iconlesimmons: :icongabistar: :iconunisamas: :iconhiddengardenia: :iconaeraellyth: :iconladyredvelvet: :iconshade-arts: 
. . . and anyone else who wants a little extra magic this year. :heart:

Other Friends Who Have Been Good This Year:
And if you have any spare time this year, Santa, you might think about giving some love to some of my friends . . .

  Dear Santa...LE GASP! I was tagged by the amazing :iconoOsolareclipseOo:
The idea is to list out what you would adore for Christmas/the Holidays! I played with it a bit...

Dear Santa,
Nicky has been a moderately good girl this year. She hopes you are well and sends her love to Krampus as well.
So have her Senshi!

Eternal Sailor Sun: 

My adopted Variable, Sailor V450 "Ruby"

The Brother-Sister team of Lucifer and Pravuil
(she's about 7 in appearance)

Sailor Gamma Leonis, maybe with her lover Sailor War?
First EC Batch: Sailor War and Sailor Gamma Leonis by PhiMouseSweet love sexy yuri by JamilSC11
Or Sailor Dorado!
strxbe got's a Secret Santa starting now, join me in the SECRET. ; D

-Justice is a cute and happy cat boy. He strives to be the most obnoxious thing ever.
-He shops solely at 'Justice' so he only wears cute girls clothing.
-Totally shoved his self into VEEDUBBZ and strxbe's RJ and Rojay lives.
  Lucifiel / Lucifer

Age: really, really old.
-Handsome and devilish fallen angel.
-Stoic, and quiet, but a bit flirty and loves to get into trouble. Kind of an asshole.
-Can be drawn without wings.
-Is really fond of Pravuil, and really sweet towards her like big brother.
  Ankou / Anbi

Age: has been for
Dear Santa... The Christmas WishlistTagged by nickyflamingo, that wicked woman... Go check out her list and gift her all the preciouses here: Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Sorry for not writing since 2008. You didn't bring me a job for Christmas. November the next year doesn't count. Also I apologise in advance for the lack of creepy Santa effigy in Auckland this year, not my fault, but sad all the same. I hope you've been well after your previous 5 trips around the world. Seriously, you're a machine.  I'm pretty sure I've been good this year, racking up positive karma at an alarming rate. Onto the wishes!
Sailor Absinthe and her Knight, Ekanite
I'm sorry (not sorry) Santa and elves if you're sick of these two. Ekanite belongs to TesseraFrost, and she needs presents too! 
Dear Santa... [Wishlist]I got tagged! Oh, nickyflamingo, you temptress! If you didn't get tagged by this madwoman, I encourage you to make up your own list!
Dearest Santa of Claws,
So, I know it's been a while... maybe a decade or so? I apologize. My hands were cramping from papers and art. I'm hoping you can let that slide? Really? Okay, great. Thanks. Sounds good.
I've been pretty good this year, a little worn down. A longer-lasting job would be nice. But I know you can't give me that, so I'm working on it. But, if you happened to find time, maybe you could give my babies some love...?
Sailor Orion:
So, she's kind of awesome. I mean, super awesome. What can I say in my defense? I like warriors! And blind ones are pretty cool. And she's kind of lonely. I mean, she's trying to make friends, but y'know how that goes. 

Sailors V429 and M15:

Family! You like families, right, Santa? Well, these sisters could use some holiday love. They may or may not get on each other
Dear Santa...So, I was tagged by both nickyflamingo and WanderingKotka. So, I guess people must really want to know who I want drawn for Christmas I guess I should write up my letter for Santa. Thank you, you two, for forcing me to quickly sketch out characters for this list XD
Dear Father Christmas,
So, it's been forever since I've written a letter to you. It was 2001 or 2002 I think, but, nevertheless, a bag was continuously filled to the brim and left at the end of my bed for many years, with me only discovering that it was my parents delivering in your name after they forgot to leave the bag on my bed one Christmas (they did the same with the Easter Bunny that same year, don't worry).
Even though the treasure filled bags have ceased in the last few years, and the magic of Christmas seems to feel missing these days, I wouldn't mind a virtual goody bag, if you can deliver.


November Chibi Special - Option 1 (Vanilla Sundae)
November Chibi Special by WanderingKotka
[OC] Kera as Crimson Viper by WanderingKotka
[OC] Huli Jing Cutie by WanderingKotka
[OC] Cat Sidhe Cutie by WanderingKotka
November Chibi Special - Option 1 (Vanilla Sundae) 1 character chibi, shaded, with a basic background.
November Chibi Special - Option 2 Super Sprinkles Dress-Up Funtimes
November Chibi Special by WanderingKotka
[OC] Wardrobe: Sailor Coma Berenices by WanderingKotka
[OC] Kera as Crimson Viper by WanderingKotka
[OC] Huli Jing Cutie by WanderingKotka
One chibi base (nude or in undies) plus an outfit!  Use the base for wardrobe memes, doodling, whatever!  So long as it's personal (not for profit or points) use, go wild!
November Chibi Special: Option 2 Super Sprinkles Dress-Up Funtimes Deluxe
November Chibi Special by WanderingKotka
[OC] Wardrobe: Sailor Coma Berenices by WanderingKotka
[OC] Kera as Crimson Viper by WanderingKotka
[OC] Huli Jing Cutie by WanderingKotka
One chibi base (nude or in undies) plus three outfits!  Use the base for wardrobe memes, doodling, whatever!  So long as it's personal (not for profit or points) use, go wild!


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