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[OC List] Adopted OCs

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 5:10 PM

Way overdue for one of these!  

Here is a list for all characters that I've adopted plus a little info on each.  More info can be found in their entries.  Hopefully, if I make this list, I'll start posting pictures of everyone, rather than just hoarding them and sending them on adventures in my head.  

Sailor Senshi 

Sailor Goryo by WanderingKotka
Additional art:
Sailor Goryo by MistressLegato
Name: Sailor Goryo
Title: Ghostly Senshi, Sailor Goryo
Realm of Influence: Helps departed souls to complete unfinished business so that they can move on.
Nature: Kindly, a little melancholy.
Adopted From: :iconsailorpyoco:

Sailor Intuos by WanderingKotka Sailor Intuos Starseed by WanderingKotka
Name: Sailor Intuos
Title: Scribble Senshi, Sailor Intuos
Realm of Influence: Minor control over electrical devices and technology.  A particular affinity for input devices.  
Nature: Mischievous and gremlin-like!
Adopted From: :iconstefbani:

Sailor Nebe by WanderingKotka  Sailor Nebe Starseed by WanderingKotka
Name: Sailor Nebe
Title: Heavenly Sky Senshi, Sailor Nebe
Realm of Influence: Clouds, weather.  Can create beautiful sculptures with clouds or can bring down some nasty localized weather effects!
Nature: Dreamy, artistic.
Adopted From: :iconstefbani:

Sailor Macau by WanderingKotka
Name: Sailor Macau
Title: Chance Senshi, Sailor Macau
Realm of Influence: Games of chance, particularly card games.  Leads a team of senshi based on games of chance.
Nature: Brash, competitive, loud.
Adopted From: :iconnickyflamingo:

Magical Girls

Adopt Kabukikatze Fruity By Baitou-d6twamu by WanderingKotka
Name: Refreshing Figher Mojito Mint
Team: Member of the Refreshing Fighters, a team of cocktail-themed magical girls.
Realm of Influence: Drinks, healing, and intoxication.  Mojito can be a refreshing pick-me-up or a devastating kick to the head!
Nature: Cheerful, outgoing, effervescent.
Adopted From: :iconsailorpyoco:

Adopt Kabukikatze Pinkylolita By Baitou-d6tw9zi by WanderingKotka
Name: Refreshing Fighter Strawberry Daiquiri
Team: Member of the Refreshing Fighters, a team of cocktail-themed magical girls.
Realm of Influence: Drinks, intoxication, ice.  Strawberry Daiquiri can help you cool down or put you on ice!
Nature: Sweet, playful, sneaky.
Adopted From: :iconsailorpyoco:


Andrea Menta, the Sparkling Fresh Sorceress by WanderingKotka 
Additional art:
::Contest Prize:: Choco Mint Witch by Freiheit1994
Name: Andrea Menta
Title: The Sparkling Fresh Sorceress
Profession: Herbalist, Farmer, Plant Magician
Hobbies: Watercolor, tea (drinking, making new brews, having parties), gardening.
Adopted From: :iconmistresslegato:

Lisa Goupil by WanderingKotka
Name: Lisa Goupil 
Nickname: Red, Lissa
Profession: Seamstress, designer.  Runs a small bespoke lingerie business.  Sells mostly over the internet, but also brings some of her pieces into local boutiques to be sold.
Hobbies: Collecting vintage jewelry and antique sewing supplies, baking.
Adopted From: :iconnickyflamingo:

Mary Lapjeskat by WanderingKotka
Additional art:
Mary by MistressLegato
Name: Mary Lapjeskat
Nickname: Patches, Freckles
Profession: works in a second-hand clothing store.  Buyer and stylist for the window displays.  Known for her quirky style and ability to combine different items into new and fun outfits.
Hobbies: MMA, road-tripping.
Adopted From: :iconnickyflamingo:


Trick-or-treat-whiizu by WanderingKotka  Cutie Mark: Candy Cutie Mark by whiizu
Name: Trick or Treat
Description: Trick or Treat is a pony with a sweet tooth who knows just what she likes!  She's an expert at sorting through things using magic--a skill she loves to use to make sure she and her friends always get their favorite candies when trick or treating!
Adopted From: :iconwhiizu:

Senshi I Support

Ladies I Love:

Seshi Badge Eternal Sailor Sun by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Gamma Leonis by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Hygiea by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Haumea by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Psyche by nickyflamingoSeshi Badge Eternal Sailor Asteroid by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge NGC 6273 by nickyflamingoSailor Chang'e Badge 50x50 Icon by iCheddarSailor Ashera Badge 50x50 Icon by iCheddarSailor Aquila Badge 50x50 Icon by iCheddarVD7840 small badge by UnisamasWar badge small by UnisamasSenshi Alliance Badge Center - Sailor Sun 50x50 by mishihime50 x 50 Solarion Badge by JoJiaMystieSailor Lepidoptera Badge by ladyredvelvetSailor Kuu Badge by StefBaniSailor Naledi Badge by StefBaniSailor Iubos Badge by StefBaniSailor Uenuku Badge by StefBaniSailor Cayria Badge by StefBaniSailor Ene Badge by StefBaniSailor X Badge by StefBaniSenshi Badge - Sailor Uranus 50x50 by mishihimeLead Owl 50 by MistressLegatoB13 50 by MistressLegatoSun50 by MistressLegatoMer50 by MistressLegatoAries badge 50 by MistressLegatoSenshi Badge: Sailor Phoenix by Shade-ArtsSenshi Badge - Sailor Iyanid by sailorpyocoSenshi Badge: Guardian Skadi by Shade-ArtsSenshi Badges: Cruithne by snow-princessSenshi Badge: M107 by snow-princessSenshi Badge: Absinthe by snow-princess

Support My Senshi:

Senshi Badge: Sailor Messier 55 by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Sun by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Meo by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Varuna by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Kerberos by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Goloid Whydah by WanderingKotka
Full Collection Here



Support Dezi Stamp by Singing-Kiwi I Fight for dedizenoflight Support Stamp by iLantiis Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas
GabiStar Stamp by LinaLeeL Stamp: by WanderingKotka MistressLegato Stamp by LinaLeeL
Unisamas Stamp by LinaLeeL WingsForDreams Stamp by LinaLeeL Freckledsleeper Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Darkness stamp by Unisamas dedizenoflight Stamp by LinaLeeL I Support serenofariane by serenofariane
Re-Pyper Stamp by LinaLeeL SailorAlcyone by LinaLeeL SailorDarkness Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sir-Frog Stamp by LinaLeeL


Sailor War Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Conquest Stamp by LinaLeeL Messier 67 Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Famine Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Death Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Asteroid Stamp by LinaLeeL
I Support Sailor Ashera by LinaLeeL Sailor Sun Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Messier 19 Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Gamma Leonis Stamp by LinaLeeL Nickyflamingo17 by LinaLeeL A different destiny Stamp by LinaLeeL
Hydra e Kerberos by LinaLeeL Bird Club Stamp by LinaLeeL

You can even support me!

WanderingKotka Stamp by LinaLeeL or KabukiKatze Stamp by LinaLeeL


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